Bahamas - Political and electoral system

National parliament

Bicameral (Senate and House of Assembly).

Municipal government

As of 1996, 32 district councils, presided over by a Chief District councilor chosen by the district council. Comprised of the chairmen of locally-elected "town committees" and other representatives chosen by the town committees.

Duration of terms

Prime Minister, Senate and House of Representatives: Maximum of 5 years from formation of government. District councilors and Chief District councilors: 3 years.

Representation system

Prime Minister elected by a majority of the House of the Assembly.
House of Assembly: Majority: Simple majority vote (single-member plurality system, first past the post). Vacancies arising between general elections are filled through by-elections.
The Senators are appointed by the Governor General. Nine are appointed on the advice of the Prime Minister; four are appointed on the advice of the Leader of the Opposition and three are appointed on the advice of the Prime Minister after meeting with the Leader of the Opposition.
Voting is not compulsory.

Electoral constituency

House of Assembly: 38 single-member constituencies.

Quota and parity laws