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18/07/2018 | Document
Political participation

Afrodescendent women in Latin America and the Caribbean. Debts of equality

The intersection of multiple systems of oppression exert a decisive influence on the social and economic position of Afrodescendent women in Latin American and Caribbean societies, and those systems of oppression are given structural expression in the form of ethno-racial and gender-based discrimination.

The aim of this study is to provide an overview of the various types of inequalities experienced by women of African descent in the region and to contribute to the discussion concerning the types of policies that can help to do away with all the various forms of discrimination to which they are subject. To that end, it takes an intersectional, gender-based approach to the analysis of the social, economic, educational, health-related and other equality gaps that differentiate their situation from that of Afrodescendent men and non-Afrodescendent men and women.