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22/11/2016 | Document

To erradicate violence against women and girls in Latin America and The Caribbean: 12 key messages

Launched by the UN Secretary General in 2008, UNITE to end violence against women aims to mobilize governments and the public opinion to prevent and eliminate violence against women and girls (VAWG) all over the world. The campaign, coordinated by UN Women, calls on all UN agencies, governments, civil society, women’s organizations, the private sector, the media, men, young people and women and girls themselves to join the fight against this global pandemic.
Portada 12 key messages

Thanks to the joint efforts of governments, civil society, UN Agencies and other multilateral development organizations such as the IDB and the World Bank, the campaign has been able to document many of these achievements, generate and gather evidence and support the development of proposals for action in each of the three pillars.