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07/03/2022 | Document

Social Panorama of Latin America 2021

The 2021 edition of the Social Panorama of Latin America examines the social impact of the crisis prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic and provides the most recent statistics on poverty, inequality and social spending in the region. The study also analyzes the prolonged health crisis’s profound effects on health care and social protection systems, along with the labor impacts caused by the pandemic, and it includes a chapter on the importance of moving towards a care society as the beacon for a sustainable recovery with gender equality.
Panorama Social LAC 2021



 Chapter I. Socioeconomic inequalities and poverty 

Chapter II. Health and social protection systems confronting a protracted health crisis: the impact on personal health and well-being 

Chapter III. Recent trends in social spending amid the pandemic 

Chapter IV. Transitioning towards a care society: the keys to a transformative recovery with equality and sustainability