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Elected city council members who are female

Latin America, The Caribbean and The Iberian Peninsula (26 countries): City councillors who are women, latest available data (Percentages)
Number of elected women town councillors in relationship to the total number of town councillor positions (legislative, budgetary) of the municipal government expressed as a percentage.


In Latin America, on average, women hold 27.3% of the positions as council members or councilors, an increase of 6.5 percentage points in the last 10 years.

Among the 25 countries with available data, 9 are above 30%, including Dominica and Bolivia, where the participation of women exceeds 40%. Bolivia, with the highest rate of female participation at the level of councils, went from 13.4% of councilors in 2005 to 44.1% in 2014. This is directly related to the parity law passed in 2009 and then perfected in 2010 (law 4.021 of April 14, 2009 and Act 26 of June 30, 2010).

In 2014, four of the countries with data had rates under 15%.