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Elected city council members who are female

Number of elected women town councillors in relationship to the total number of town councillor positions (legislative, budgetary) of the municipal government expressed as a percentage.


In Latin America, the average number of women elected city council members is 32.72%, with data as of December 2021. This represents a significant advance in terms of autonomy in decision-making, since 2019 the region surpassed for the first time the proportion of 30% of women in city councils.

In thirteen countries of the region, the presence of women in city councils exceeds 30% and two of them have achieved parity: The Plurinational State of Bolivia (52.3%) and Nicaragua (50%). They are followed by Mexico (48.4%), Costa Rica (47.8%), Belize (36.2%), Cuba (35.5%), Uruguay (33.8%) and Chile (33.3%).

Currently, only four Latin American countries have not reached 30% participation of women in city councils: Panama (9.9%), Brazil (16%), Colombia (17.9%) and Paraguay (27%).