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Elected mayors who are female

Number of women elected to mayoral positions in relation to the total number of elected mayoral positions, expressed as a percentage. The indicator name is determined by the highest frequency in which this charge is used in Latin America and the Caribbean, but it also includes intendants, prefects, and municipal presidents.


The participation of women in the highest municipal authority positions in Latin America and the Caribbean is still well below parity. With data as of December 2021, Latin America had a slight increase compared to the previous year, with an average figure of 15.36% of elected female mayors, increasing by only 0.13 percentage points (p.p).

The countries that lead the region are Cuba and Nicaragua, with 47% and 42.5%, respectively. They    are    followed by Mexico (23.6%), the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (18.8%), Uruguay (17.6%) and Chile (17.1%).

Whithin 22 countries with data as of December 2021, the majority (15) do not exceed 15% of female participation in the municipal executive branch.