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Executive power: percentage of women in ministerial cabinet positions

Latin America, The Caribbean and The Iberian Peninsula (36 countries): Women's participation in ministerial cabinets during the most recent term of office (Percentages)
Percentage of women in ministerial cabinet positions during a President's or Prime Minister's term.


The increase of women in ministerial cabinets is not a process of progress without setbacks, nor are the achievements made so far guaranteed.

According to the most recent available data, eight countries in Latin America and four from the Caribbean showed a decrease in the number of women ministers in comparison with the previous presidential term.

Nicaragua still leads in the figures, with a cabinet composed of 57% of women. Followed by Granada, Chile and Costa Rica, with percentages above 38%, all of which with increases over the previous period. Two Caribbean countries, Saint Lucia and Belize, went from having no presence of women to both having 13.3%.

Other countries with significant increases are: Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Bahamas and Panama, which have increased between10 to 20 percentage points the presence of female ministers from the penultimate to the last presidential term.