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Executive power: percentage of women in ministerial cabinet positions

Latin America, The Caribbean and The Iberian Peninsula (36 countries): Women's participation in ministerial cabinets during the most recent term of office (Percentages)
Percentage of women in ministerial cabinet positions during a President's or Prime Minister's term.


Latin America and the Caribbean has seen a discrete increase in women's participation in presidential cabinets. Compared to the previous period, the region increased by 4 percentage points, reaching an average of 25.5%. This increase was slightly larger in the Caribbean, going from a 15.18% to a 19.42% average. The countries in the sub-region with the largest increases were Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago, which more than doubled their averages from 11.8 to 33.3% and from 13.3 to 29.4%, respectively. However, both countries are still a long way from achieving equal participation.

In the case of Latin America, three countries have seen significant increases over the previous period: Colombia (+22.41), Costa Rica (+23.74) and Mexico (+17.61). Since 2018, Costa Rica has had a cabinet composed mainly of women with a 55.17%, and Colombia a joint cabinet with a 50%.