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People without incomes of their own

Ratio of the total female (male) population aged 15 and above with no incomes of their own and who are not studying - exclusively (according to activity status), in relation to the total female or male population aged 15 and above who does not study - exclusively. The ratio is expressed in percentages. The indicator is disaggregated by age and area of residence.


In order to understand the lack of women economic autonomy, it is necessary to bear in mind the fact that these do not always have incomes of their own, as a result, their decision-making power related to household’s money administration issues is limited. 
While the increase in labour force participation of women has contributed to the decline in the proportion of women without income of their own in the late 1990s, in 2021  this proportion reached a regional average of 27.6% whereas  for men the number was 11.2%. This means that almost one third of women in the countries of the region depend on other’s income for their own subsistence, which makes them vulnerable and economically dependent on others, who are in most cases men.