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Women's deaths at the hands of their intimate partner or former partner

Latin America, the Caribbean and the Iberian Peninsula (25 countries): Women's deaths at the hands of their intimate partner or former partner, latest available data (Absolute numbers and rates)
Women aged 15 years and over who are killed by their intimate partner or former partner: absolute number and rate per 100,000 women.


Despite the difficulties  in collecting data concerning the number and rate of women killed by their partners or former partners in Latin America and the Caribbean, this is the better information for most countries in the region.

The processing of this indicator has evolved significantly since 2010, when ECLAC initiated this collection along with seven countries of Latin America, two of the Caribbean and Spain. Currently, there is information for 16 countries in Latin America and 13 in the Caribbean, as well as Spain and Portugal.

In most Latin American countries, 2 out of 3 feminicides occur in the context of relationships between partners or ex-partners, with the exception of the countries of North Central America, where intimate feminicides account for a smaller proportion of total feminicides.

The countries with the highest incidence of intimate feminicide in Latin America in 2018 are: the Dominican Republic (1.5 cases per each 100,000 women), Uruguay (1.4) and Puerto Rico (1.2). In the Caribbean, the highest rates by 2018 were recorded in Barbados (3.4 per each 100,000 women), Belize (2.6) and Suriname (1.8).