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15/09/2013 | Note for equality

Note for Equality N° 11: More women in science and technology: a necessary step

According to UNESCO, 45.2% of the people doing research in science and technology in Latin America and the Caribbean are women, a higher percentage than the average of other regions (Oceania 39.2%, Africa 34.5%, Europe 34%, Asia 18.9%,).

Affirmative action

States should define affirmative action necessary for the survival, mobility and recognition in the professional career of women scientists. These actions could be envisaged: • The inclusion of specific gender-equality oriented actions within national digital strategies, as is done by Ecuador (Estrategia Ecuador Digital 2.0), Mexico (Agenda and Dominican Republic (e-Dominicana).
• The production and improvement of national and regional statistics on the participation of men and women in science and technology.
• Promoting equitable access to professorships, research funds and awards for women scientists.
• Implementing quotas for access to research funds, tutoring programs and mentorship for female investigators within the areas where they are underrepresented.
• Promoting discussion and exchange of experiences on best practices and policies of gender equality in science and technology developed and implemented at local, national, regional and international levels.
• The development of strategies in the education system to increase interest in science and technology in girls, such as the initiative developed in Dominican Republic: math club "E - girls" and " Super matic " , aimed at maintain interest in science subjects among girls and adolescents in the Dominican public schools.
• The definition of goals and quotas to promote the representation of women in the decision-making instances of national science, technology and innovation systems.