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15/07/2012 | Note for equality

Note for Equality N°5: Equitable development begins with reproductive rights

Women’s rights and access to efficient reproductive health services are key elements in the struggle to overcome poverty and its social reproduction.

How to promote equitable development through reproductive rights?

●  Incorporating reproductive rights as the cornerstone of development policy.
●   Strengthening national statistical systems and indicators relating to sexual and reproductive health by disaggregating information by population groups, by sex, socioeconomic status, age, ethnicity, migrant population, area of residence.
●   Ensuring access to public reproductive health services and overcoming gaps in service delivery to guarantee the reproductive rights of all women, and in particular the poorest women.
●   Generating public care policies and promoting redistribution of work and family responsibilities between men and women, so as to reduce the care workload for women and thus free up their time and encourage their full participation in the labor market.
●   Developing studies on the impact of access to sexual and reproductive health rights on women's economic empowerment.