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Planes de igualdad

Los planes de igualdad son instrumentos utilizados por la mayoría de los países de la región, e impulsados por los mecanismos para el adelanto de las mujeres, que permiten orientar el accionar del Estado y planificar y llevar adelante un proceso de trabajo conjunto entre los distintos sectores, potenciando la institucionalización y transversalización de género.

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  • 2011
    Islas Vírgenes Británicas

    First National Gender Policy for Equity and Equality for the Virgin Islands

    This First National Gender Policy for Equity and Equality for the Virgin Islands is conceived as a foundation for anchoring a greater gender sensitivity and understanding of the impact of gender on society, at all levels. It stablishes the need for sex disaggregated data gathering and analysis to ensure that programmes and actions are rationally determined and executed on the basis of evidence. It proposes additional legislative reform that builds on the existing legal framework pointing to areas such as labour code oversight and the vulnerability of immigrant populations. It points to the need for legal literacy in an increasingly urbanized and sophisticated population. This document outlines a framework for the Co-ordination and Implementation of the Policy urging that recognition be given to the value of the work of the Office for Gender Affairs in the development process. The Policy presents a full Action Plan and Indicator Matrix outlining actions, expected outcomes and responsible agencies for the deliverables within the time bound period.