Jamaica - Sistema político electoral

Parlamento nacional

Bicameral (Senate and House of Representatives).

Gobierno municipal

There is no provincial executive. Below the National Executive, there are only local parishes with limited authority. The island's 60 constituencies are subdivided into 227 electoral divisions, each of which is represented by a Parish Councillor.

Duración de mandatos

Prime Minister, Senate and House of Representatives: Maximum of 5 years from formation of government.

Sistema de representación

House of Representatives: Majority: Direct simple majority vote. Vacancies are filled through by-elections. Voting is not compulsory. Senate: The Senators are appointed by the Governor-General: 13 are appointed on the advice of the Prime Minister and 8 on the advice of the Leader of the Opposition.

Circunscripción electoral

House of Representatives: 63 single-member constituencies.

Ley de cuotas y paridad