Suriname - Sistema político electoral

Parlamento nacional

Unicameral National Legislature (National Assembly).

Gobierno municipal

State / Provincial Executive: Locally elected District Councils, presided over by District Commissioners. District Commissioners are appointed by the President.

Duración de mandatos

President and Vice-President, elected by the National Assembly: 5 years; National Assembly and District Councils: 5 years.

Sistema de representación

Nationale Assemblee (National Assembly): Proportional: Party list system (open-list proportional representation). Candidates are elected by proportional representation on a largest average formula basis with preferential votes. In each constituency, the first seat is awarded to the political party having obtained the highest number of votes. The remaining seats are awarded to the party with the highest average number of votes. In each party list, the candidate(s) having obtained the most preferential votes are declared elected. Vacancies arising between general elections are filled by substitutes, according to the order of names on each party list.

Voting is not compulsory.

Circunscripción electoral

Nationale Assemblee (National Assembly): 10 multi-member constituencies (between 2 and 17 seats each).

Ley de cuotas y paridad