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Antigua y Barbuda

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Leyes más recientes

  • 11/11/2010 | Ley / Política

    Act 12 - The Trafficking in Persons (Prevention) Act

    The aims of this Act include: combating the trafficking in persons within and across the borders of Antigua and Barbuda; the definition of the crime of people trafficking and related matters; and the taking of measures to protect and support victims. The Act considers an aggravating circumstance actions taken against especially vulnerable populations such as pregnant women, among others. It establishes that past sexual behaviour is irrelevant and inadmissable to be used against the victim in court.

  • 01/01/2004 | Ley / Política

    The childcare and protection, Act. 29

    An Act to provide for the establishment and functions of a Childcare and Protection Agency, the licensing of childcare facilities, the maintenance of appropriate standards in respect of their operations and for other matters relating to the safety, care and protection of children.

  • 18/02/1999 | Ley / Política

    Domestic Violence (Summary 1 Proceeding) Act

    An Act which defines what is domestic violence and the potential sentences for these crimes.