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Leyes más recientes

  • 01/01/2012 | Ley / Política

    Chapter 72A, of the 2012 Continuous Revised Edition of the Laws of Grenada

    Equality of the application of provisions for sexual offences against girls and boys, spousal rape and trafficking in persons and prostitution (art. 188-190).

  • 10/12/2010 | Ley / Política

    Act 19 - Domestic Violence Act 2010

    An act to provide greater protection for victims of domestic violence, and to make provision for the granting of protection orders, and for matters incidental thereto and connected therewith.

  • 17/09/2010 | Ley / Política

    Child (Protection and Adoption)

    The primary purpose of this Act is to provide for the care and protection of a child from abuse and neglect in a manner that ensures that the  best interests of the child are given paramount consideration; and the adoption of a child in Grenada in a way that promotes the well-being and best   interest of the adopted child throughout his life; and supports efficient and accountable practice in the delivery of adoption services.