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Mujeres electas en el parlamento nacional (En porcentajes)

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Leyes más recientes

  • 24/05/2010 | Ley / Política

    Sexual Offences Act 7 of 2010

    Provides legal remedies to protect victims of various sexual offences, including rape, sexual assault, incest, sexual indecency, grooming and voyeurism. The Act is gender neutral.

  • 01/01/2005 | Ley / Política

    Combating Trafficking in Persons Act

    Prohibits trafficking and makes it a criminal offence, provides a basis for a multi-sectoral approach to combating trafficking in persons and the establishment of the Ministerial Task Force on TIPs.

  • 29/01/2001 | Ley / Política

    Representation of People's (Amendment) Act 2001 (Section 11B, Articles 5-7)

    Provides for gender representation as an eligibility criteria for political parties wishing to contest national and regional elections. It states that each political party must have at least one-third women on the list of representatives submitted to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM). Any political party that fails to comply with this provision will not be eligible to contest elections. This Act also includes provision that at most 20 percent of the number of constituencies in which a party is contesting may contain no women on the geographic seats for the legislature and elections to regional democratic councils. In other words, lists with no women candidates can be submitted, since the one-third quota requirement is for the total of the lists submitted by each political party.