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01/01/2014 | Documento
Participação política

Women in Parliament in 2013: The year in review

2013 breaks all the records for women’s participation in parliaments worldwide. The percentage of parliamentary seats occupied by women rose to 21.8 per cent, an increase of 1.5 percentage points – double the average rate of increase in recent years.
Portada Las mujeres en el parlamento en 2013: Perspectiva anual

Women’s share exceeds 30 per cent in 39 lower houses (compared to 33 in 2012) and in 16 upper houses (down from 17 in 2012) – and today stands at over 40 per cent in 15 of those chambers. Newcomers to this “30 per cent club” include Austria, Cameroon, Grenada and Zimbabwe (both houses). Another record was broken with Rwanda’s Chamber of Deputies for the first time ever seating more than 60 per cent women (63.8%).