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24/05/2017 | Nota para a Igualdade
Transversalização da perspectiva de gênero

Note for Equality N° 24: Planning for equality and women's autonomy

The gender equality plans developed by the governments of the region show how States intend to overcome the critical nodes of gender discrimination and women's autonomy in all areas of development, in line with the international commitments of the Regional Gender Agenda.

Among the relevant contributions of the region's equality plans can be mentioned its central role in strengthening institutionalization and gender mainstreaming in the State, as well as the growing importance assigned to intersectoral work.
In the last 25 years, many countries have built and implemented equality plans, always under the umbrella of the institutional mechanisms for the advancement of women in each country, which demonstrates the position achieved by the gender institutions in the region and how the goal of equality between men and women has been consolidated as a shared cause.