Dominica - Sistema político e eleitoral

Parlamento nacional

Unicameral (The House of Assembly).

Governo municipal

Dominica has a centralized system of government. Local governments have mostly administrative functions. There are three elected "Municipal Councils" in larger cities, 37 village councils, and one council representing the indigenous population.

Duração do mandato

President, Prime Minister, House of Assembly: Maximum of 5 years from formation of government.

Sistema representativo

House of Assembly: Majority: Direct election. Simple majority vote. Vacancies of Representatives' seats between general elections are filled through by-elections, held within 3 months. Senators' seats are filled through appointment, also within 3 months.

Voting is not compulsory

Circunscrição eleitoral

House of Assembly: 21 single-member constituencies.

Leis de quota e paridade