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21/01/2014 | Documento

Situation of unpaid work and gender in the Caribbean: The measurement of unpaid work through time-use studies

One of emerging statistical tools for the collection of comprehensive information detailing how individuals spend their time, on a daily or weekly basis, is time-use surveys. These surveys take many different forms to collect vital information which can be used to estimate not only the value of paid and unpaid work, but also the composition of the labour force.
Portada Situation of unpaid work and gender in the Caribbean

This study seeks to provide information on time use studies and how they can contribute to the measurement of unpaid work, a sector in which many more women than men are employed, as an avenue towards the development of policies to support and promote women’s economic empowerment. The first sections provide definitions of unpaid work and time use studies, while the latter sections provide information on time use methodologies that have been used to collect statistical data on unpaid work. 


  • NU. CEPAL. Sede Subregional para el Caribe
  • Stuart, Sheila