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  • Total work time

    Latin America (14 countries): Average time spent on paid and unpaid work of the population aged 15 and over, by sex, by country, for the latest available data (Average hours per week)
    Total work time is the sum of paid work time and unpaid work time. Paid work refers to work done for the production of goods or services for the market and is calculated as the sum of time devoted to employment, job search and commuting. Unpaid work refers to work done without payment and develops mainly in the private sphere. It is measured by quantifying the time a person spent on self consumption work, unpaid domestic work and unpaid care for their own home or to support other household work.
  • Executive power: percentage of women in ministerial cabinet positions

    Latin America, The Caribbean and The Iberian Peninsula (36 countries): Women's participation in ministerial cabinets during the most recent term of office (Percentages)
    Percentage of women in ministerial cabinet positions during a President's or Prime Minister's term.
  • Femicide or feminicide

    Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain (24 countries): Femicide or feminicide, most recent data available (In absolute numbers and rates per 100.000 women)
    Corresponds to the quantification of homicides of women 15 years of age and over, killed by gender violence. Expressed in absolute number and rate per 100,000 women. According to national laws, it is called femicide, feminicide, or aggravated homicide due to gender.

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