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Femicide or feminicide

Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain (24 countries): Femicide or feminicide, most recent data available (In absolute numbers and rates per 100.000 women)
Corresponds to the quantification of homicides of women 15 years of age and over, killed by gender violence. Expressed in absolute number and rate per 100,000 women. According to national laws, it is called femicide, feminicide, or aggravated homicide due to gender.


Official information for 19 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean shows a total of 2,559 women victims of femicide in 2017. When added  data from other 4 countries of the region that only record  femicides committed in the context of the intimate partner or former intimate partner, this figure raises up to 2,795 women killed by femicide in 2017.

Data for 2016 and 2017 show that El Salvador (10.2), Honduras (5.8), Belize (4.8), Trinidad and Tobago (3.0), Guatemala (2.6) and the Dominican Republic (2.2) are the countries with the highest prevalence of femicides in the region.

In South America, the highest prevalence is observed in Bolivia and Paraguay, with rates of 2.0 and 1.6 per 100,000 women.